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Elite Limousine of Connecticut is the number one company for all transport services to and from the airport near you. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we provide the most comfortable and luxurious services.

We work towards ensuring that every journey you embark on with us is enjoyable. If you are looking for quality and style, check out our services.

Our fleet features some of the poshest rides driven by the most experienced chauffeurs. We know that traveling requires luggage with variable sizes. As such, our vehicles come up with plenty of luggage space, ensuring that your travel bags are safe and secure.

We provide luxurious limousine rides to a variety of airports close to you. With just the click of a button, your travel plans could run as smooth as you always wanted them to be!

LGA - LaGuardia Airport

LGA - LaGuardia Airport

Are you planning on going to or out of LGA? If you are, you need not worry anymore about your travel plans because our Connecticut airport transportation service is here for you. We will take care of all your travel needs with our luxurious vehicles.

You can take advantage of our friendly prices to enjoy the first-class chauffeur services we have to offer. All you have to do is book a ride with us and sit back as our professional chauffeurs take care of you! They are highly trained and accredited to offer top-level driving services. Your travel requirement is our top priority. Our team will work around the clock to ensure that you arrive at the LGA airport safe and sound.

Time is of the essence to you and us, and that is why we strive to be reliable for both planned and emergency travels. As such, we have created an efficient arrival and travel schedule to ensure that your needs are always met!

Looking for reliable LGA limo service? Using our car service to LGA is not only convenient but also classy. You will feel comfortable in our high standard vehicles as well as around our client-oriented chauffeurs.

What are you waiting for? Book a ride with us today!

EWR - Newark Airport

EWR - Newark Airport

If you want to travel to or from Newark, Elite Limousine should be on your speed dial. We have premium vehicles that work 24/7 providing superior standard airport travel services to our esteemed customers.

You can provide information on whether you are looking to book a one-way or return journey alongside other useful info to get a free estimate. You will witness first hand that our airport chauffeur services are the most client friendly. Our rates are also on the friendly side to help you minimize travel costs! This way, you can go on that trip happy and stress-free.

Flying can be stressful so let us help you take some of the stress off. We invite you to try our travel services today to experience world-class treatment.

Elite Limousine has some of the most comfortable, deluxe vehicles in the industry and our services are designed with your comfort in mind.

We offer online booking services that will come conveniently wherever you are at whatever time you would like to use our services!

At Elite Limousine, we know value is what you demand and desire. We have therefore modeled our services on this requirement!

We have worked with a wide range of users whose testimonials are easily accessible for your review! Get in touch with us today for more information!

JFK – John F. Kennedy International Airport

JFK - John F. Kennedy International Airport

Using our limo services for JFK airport transportation is convenient. Our services are at your disposal 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can get an instant quote to help you plan your trip better. Our prices are also friendly and the quote you get is what you will pay for.

Sometimes, traveling is stressful, but we have the perfect solutions to take your trips to the next level. Our fleet consists of lavish vehicles that are designed to guarantee optimal comfort. Whenever you are planning to travel, you no longer have to be stressed up. Our team is here for you and is equipped with the best customer care skills you deserve.

We know how time-consuming travel planning can be. That is why we have the extensive know-how on all the corners and shortcuts in the local area. This is to ensure that you get to the airport and wherever you need to be on time.

We are your reliable service provider, and with us, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the landscapes as you ride to your destination.

We will also monitor the schedule of your flight to ensure that even when it is delayed, you won’t have to worry about getting home. We will pick you up whenever you touch down at the airport!

HPN - Westchester County Airport

HPN - Westchester County Airport

Whenever you are leaving Westchester, you can count on us to drop you off at HPN- White Plains. Upon arrival at the airport, our chauffeur will be neatly dressed and ready to meet you at the arrivals area.

Conveniently, you will already be issued with the cell phone number of the chauffeur. This way, you can call to inquire or confirm the pickup and drop off time.

Our valued clients appreciate that our waiting time is among the shortest in the industry.

Our fleet comes fitted with Wi-Fi, so we can keep you busy and comfortable throughout the ride. You can also lean back and sip a glass of water, read a newspaper, or catch up on your emails.

You will enjoy our unique chauffeur services from your front door to the airport’s entrance! We will also pick you up and drop you off at your doorstep.

Every minute with us is crafted extraordinarily to ensure that you get the best of our exquisite offers. What’s more, you can even work from the car!

Contact us today for the ultimate experience in our stylish automobiles. With us, you can be sure to arrive at your destination on time and in a comfortable ride!

BDL - Bradley International Airport

BDL - Bradley International Airport

Are you planning to travel through the Bradley International Airport? We have the right transportation solution crafted especially for you. We have the most reliable chauffeurs who are neat and trained to maintain professionalism. They will be there on time to pick you up, so you can arrive on time at your destination.

For your best experience with us, your chauffeur will be able to communicate easily with you at all times.

When you land, you can proceed to the arrival hall where you will easily identify our chauffeur because they will have a board indicating your name. You can also check out our company logo on the board for verification that you have the right transport partner.

We have the client’s safety in mind, and we always ensure that we meet all the required regulations. Our vehicles are also serviced regularly to ensure that every technical issue is corrected for a safe drive.

Get in touch with us or make your reservation online to enjoy our prime airport transfer services!

TEB - Teterboro Airport

TEB - Teterboro Airport

Looking for reliable transportation to and from Teterboro Airport? Our vehicles come with an excellent class on both the interior and exterior. This way, we are able to provide executive transfers to and from Teterboro Airport. Our limos feature only the best functions and amenities to ensure that you are safe, comfortable, and all your travel needs are met.

You will experience our quality airport chauffeured services as you ride in style to your destination. We rely on advanced technologies to ensure that you stay in constant communication with the chauffeur.

If your flight is delayed, your chauffeur will be kept in the loop. This is because we will monitor the departure and arrival of your flight.

Our chauffeurs are professionally trained, making us a certified airport transfer service provider. Our team has all the credentials that reveal their qualification to accommodate all the transportation needs you require.

All our vehicles are also maintained in the highest standard. We ensure that you receive VIP travel services at all times despite the distance of your planned journey. Whenever you call us, we will meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. Book a ride with Connecticut limo service now!

SWF - New York Stewart International Airport

SWF - New York Stewart International Airport

Looking for SWF Airport transportation? Elite Limousine is your preferred airport transfer service provider and we offer world class drives to and from SWF. We are dedicated to ensuring that your travel needs are always covered.

We have set high standards that our competitors are not able to meet. This means that you will enjoy every second you spend in one of our luxurious vehicles. We provide a peaceful environment where you can check your emails or chat with your team. You can also enjoy the complimentary Wi-Fi to search or do whatever you want online. You can also inquire and request the services you need to remain comfortable. We are the perfect partner to help you meet all your travel plans safely. We can adjust our schedule to fit your requirements with every ride.

While limos are often fitted with low powered engines, our exquisite models come with high performing engines. This ensures that you arrive in time to and from the SWF airport.

Our chauffeurs will arrive at the pickup area minutes before your flight lands. We also have excellent credentials that match our top-class services!

HVN - Tweed New Haven Airport

HVN - Tweed New Haven Airport

If you are planning to travel through the HVN Airport, then we are your must-call chauffeur service provider. You will definitely have a good time as you ride in a fashionable style in our amazing limousines.

We know that you wouldn’t want to experience the horror of missing a ride in a large and busy airport like HVN. Booking an airport transfer chauffeur with us will eliminate all the uncertainty and harrowing experiences.

You will get the space you desire in our vehicles because they come in varying sizes. Thanks to our high-quality services, we have managed to win the hearts of many travelers.

Our team is available 24/7 awaiting your call for inquiries and booking. You can also book a ride with us online by indicating the type of transportation you need and whether you are a single passenger or traveling with friends and family. Our limousines are spacious, implying that they will provide room for your luggage.

Once you experience a luxurious airport transfer with our chauffeurs and classy limos, you are highly likely to be our loyal client because missing our services again will be out of the question.

Whenever you are in town, therefore, you should consider booking a limo ride in HVN with Elite Limousine of Connecticut.

BDR - Sikorsky Memorial Airport

BDR - Sikorsky Memorial Airport

Are you looking for a ride to or from the BDR airport? If you are, we could be your best bet. With our services, you are guaranteed of the highest degree of comfort. We not only make sure that all our clients arrive safely at their destination but also in the most comfortable manner.

Whatever your travel plans, we will help you implement them. You can book a ride with us for business trips, vacations, networking events, and personal trips.

We understand your need for privacy and a relaxed ride. This is why our team has been trained to provide customer care services with the demands of the clients as a priority.

As such, you will arrive to the airport, hotel, office, or your home in the most comfortable way. Our limos are spacious and capable of accommodating even a group of passengers. Our goal is to impress you by meeting and exceeding your expectations. Our chauffeurs are highly professional and eager to satisfy all your needs.

You can rely on our superb limo services for all your travel requirements. We treat each of our clients professionally by working tirelessly to meet your highest demands. Our cars are also classy from both the inside and outside.