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Elite Limousine offers premium limo service in Ansonia, CT. Hiring a limousine is not just about getting from one place to another. Any vehicle can be chosen for such a purpose. Limousines offer a luxurious ride. They are safer than ordinary cars. They have more amenities. There is better headroom and legroom. The seats are more comfortable. The ride is more convenient. There is more luggage space. The onboard entertainment and the sheer grandeur of the ride are also unmatched. There is always a set of criteria when anyone chooses an Ansonia limo service. We can assuredly meet all the requirements and deliver some more.

Elite Limousine has an extensive fleet of luxury cars. All are branded limos of varying class, capacity and style. The swanky limousines in our fleet are new and in great condition. We are proactive with our upkeep and we do not operate any old limousine. Our limousines are neatly classified as per the class and capacity. You can choose one depending on the seating capacity or you may pick one that you have always wanted to ride in. Many of our clients delve into greater detail, check out the specific amenities in each limousine and then decide if a particular model is the best option for their needs. The purpose is also an influencing factor. You can choose one of our limousines on your own or you can rely on the assistance of our support staff to help you make the best choice.

We at Elite Limousine have an in-house team of support executives. They are more like your personal concierge. They can help you plan the entire trip and not just facilitate the reservation. We have a team of experienced chauffeurs, as deft at the wheel as they are courteous and helpful. Our professional chauffeurs are resourceful, and they are experts in defensive driving. The two teams of customer service executives and chauffeurs ensure our Ansonia car service is unmatched. While the fleet creates the foundation of reliable limo service and our policies facilitate the delivery, it is our team that make your experience truly memorable.

Elite Limousine operates its entire fleet throughout the year. There are peak times when we recommend our clients to make reservations as soon as possible. We want to book the most suitable limousine for you at all times. A timely reservation can secure such a booking.

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