5 Team Building Activities for Corporate Events

Are you trying to figure out what team building activities are ideal for corporate events? You are in luck. We know just the team building events to do that will impress both your clients and employees. But, before we delve into it, you need to understand what team building really means.

Team building extends beyond bringing employees together outside a workplace environment. You have to include activities that’ll encourage them to work together to improve their overall performance. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it sounds.

The activity to choose depends primarily on your objective. For example, you don’t want existing groups to join up with each other for a competitive activity if your goal is to break down barriers. That will only increase rivalry.

Yes, there are different team building activities for corporate events. It is important that you select one that addresses a particular concern. Here are five types of group activities you should consider:

Collaborative Team Building Activities

These group activities are perfect for making everyone work together to achieve a shared goal. It’s a way to ensure that members of the group break down barriers, and have fun doing it too.

Collaborative group activities can come in the form of a hands-on problem that members can solve together. Example of such include, building a raft, guiding a blindfolded member of the group through a maze, or building a structure.

These activities are really fun and can get everyone working together in no time.

Competitive Group Activities

This is ideal for a group of people that already work well together. It allows you to boost team spirit and collaboration among the employees.

One competitive group activity to consider is a scavenger hunt. You have the option of doing it as a collaborative activity, where everyone has to work as a team, or splitting the participants. You can divide them into two teams and have them compete against each other.

Don’t forget to include a social element at the end. It allows the participants to unwind and tease the winners too.

Outdoor Group Activities

Outdoor activities are a great way of building team spirit. However, it depends on your weather and location. From rock climbing to a more structured obstacle course, team building activities out in the sunshine can boost employees’ morale.

High-Tech Group Activities

In this technological age, it’s only ideal to consider team building activities that require the use of gadgets. For example, while organizing a treasure hunt, consider adding the use of GPS. You can use it to provide clues for the teams to solve.

Food Group Activities

These group activities are perfect for employees that are not interested in the tumble of outdoor sports. They want a more sedate environment. This is where culinary workshops come in. Learning to make a meal, cake or a cocktail is a great way to get people involved.

Next, you can add a competitive element to it. It could be in the form of a cook-off, a food scavenger hunt, or a combination of both.

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