5 Connecticut Hidden Gems to Explore

Connecticut may be one of the smallest states in the country, but this east coast state has a lot of cool things to see. As a popular tourist destination, many of the most famous attractions are overpopulated and crowded. Fortunately, Connecticut has a rich number of hidden gems that some locals don’t even know about. Finding these spots is a great way to beat the crowds while also seeing some of the most beautiful scenery that his state has to offer.

Here are five hidden Connecticut gems to explore.

    1. Lamentation State Park

Like many rural states, Connecticut has a wide-variety of state parks. One of the lesser known being Lamentation State Park located near the area of Berlin. This state park has beautiful hiking trails, a stunning waterfall and great views of the surrounding scenery. During late spring and early into the summer, the blooming flowers take over Lamentation State Park and put on a beautiful display. This is a great place to relax on a road trip while visiting Connecticut.

    1. The Yankee Peddler Inn

If you’re looking for interesting places to stay in Connecticut, the Yankee Peddler Inn fits the bill. It is one of the oldest hotels in the state that has remained in continuous operation. The Inn is well off the beaten path, located in the historic town of Torrington. The Yankee Peddler has a rich history and has been the location of several ghost sittings. The newly renovated Warner Theatre and some shopping centers are located near the Inn for a nice evening out.

    1. The Village of Collinsville

Connecticut is known well for being one of the original colonies of the United States. While much of the history is preserved in architecture throughout the state, the village of Collinsville is one of the finest preserved mill towns. It displays countless examples of 19th century architecture that is still intact and, in some cases, still being used. There are quaint places to shop and eat throughout the town. Canoe and kayak rentals are also available for those with a taste for the outdoors.

    1. Carousel at Lighthouse Point Park

Lighthouse Point Park is located in New Haven and is home to one of the oldest functioning carousels in the area. The carousel was constructed in 1916 and is one of only 100 still in use today. Visitors can ride the carousel from May to October for only 50 cents!

    1. The Book Barn

Traveling throughout Connecticut to find all of the state’s hidden gems can be tiring. If you’re looking for a relaxing activity, stop by the Book Barn in Niantic. This buzzing book market spreads over four locations in Main Street. Book lovers will have a blast browsing through the many selections.

Connecticut is a popular vacation destination for many reasons. For those hoping to skip out on the crowds, there are several hidden gems waiting to be discovered. A Connecticut Limo service is a great way to see all of the hidden attractions within a city. Those attractions spread throughout the state can be visited by taking a Connecticut charter bus.