Letting Your Children Use A Rideshare Service? Don’t Risk Their Safety

With the new school year starting, kids are at a high risk of transportation-related incidents, including harassments and assaults. While you may have already used a ridesharing service to get you to a meeting, to the airport, or another point of interest, have you really considered if your children should be using these transportation services alone?

Against the Rules

No one under 18 is supposed to be using ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft without an adult, and the drivers are not supposed to accept taking an unaccompanied child. But both parents and drivers seem to break the rules.

A recent Jeff Rossen undercover investigation uncovered new serious cases involving ridesharing companies’ drivers picking up unaccompanied teens. It is against their policy for drivers to pick up unaccompanied minors and still kids and teens across the country find ways around the rules to download the ridesharing apps and order rides. And drivers don’t seem to care about their age either; on the contrary.


As a parent, you know that you need to protect your children and take all the measure to ensure their safety. Unfortunately, many busy parents seem to break the age rule too, and they turn to ridesharing services to shuttle their children from point A to point B. Sometimes, they even allow the kids to use their accounts in order to prevent them from violating the age rule.

Are you comfortable with putting your child in a car with someone you don’t know and you don’t trust? Any parent should be freaked out about this idea. Just because a ride-hailing app is easy to use it doesn’t mean the services are safe. While state regulations require extensive criminal, personal and professional background checks for any worker who may be left alone with children, those requirements don’t seem to apply to ride-hailing companies which have become more and more popular with children and teens. The screening process used by ridesharing companies are minimal, omitting one essential step – the fingerprinting process.

We want to warn parents and their children of the dangers with ride-sharing underage. As a responsible parent, you should always know who you are entrusting your child to. Wouldn’t it be a relief to enjoy safe and reliable transportation for you and your kids?

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