Questions To Ask When Hiring a Chauffeur Service

Whether you need a luxury limousine, a sedan, an SUV, a motor coach or something else, you want to make sure that, when hiring a chauffeur service, you travel in comfort and safety and your expectations and exceeded. There are some things to keep in mind when hiring a limo service and some important question you should ask. When trying to figure out which limo service to hire, ask these questions: 

1. What type of vehicles are included in your fleet? 

The fleet of vehicles differs from company to company and from state to state. If you need a special vehicle for an important occasion, it would be a great idea to ask the company’s representative and ensure they have the vehicle that perfectly suits your needs. 

2. How do you maintain your vehicles?

When hiring a limo service, safety should be your number one priority; this is why you have to find out if the company follows a maintenance program for every car in the fleet. 

3. Could I take a look at the vehicles from your fleet? 

When hiring a limo service, you want to make sure that the vehicles you are presented on the website are the same as the ones in their fleet. You should ask the company to arrange to view the vehicle before you rent it. You want to check the condition of the vehicle from the inside out. 

4. How do you screen your chauffeurs? 

Limo drivers or chauffeurs should have the necessary license. More than that, before getting behind the wheel, the chauffeur should have undergone a complex criminal background check and passed a drug test. 

5. How do you ensure your clients’ safety? 

A good limo service company will be diligent when it comes to their clients’ safety. Before hiring a limousine service company, you should make sure that the company is insured, fully licensed and follows the state and federal regulations. You can ask for proof of insurance and relevant licenses. 

6. Where can I read some references or reviews? 

Before hiring a limo service, check online for company reviews and references on website and important social media platforms. You should also ask for references for past customers that can provide you with more relevant details.

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