Tasting the Northeast – Vineyards, Breweries and Cider Mills

Wine, beer and cider are three of the most sought-after things to drink. People all over the globe cherish the way grapes, hops and apples can be turned into beverages right any time of the year. If you are traveling in the northeast, you’ll want to take advantage of the many area vineyards, breweries and cider mills that dot the landscape in this part of the world. Fertile soils bring forth many delightful varieties of wine, beer, and cider that are worth a trip. Our Connecticut limo service will make sure you and all members of your party to any place you have in mind. Hiring our Connecticut limo rental lets you treat yourself and your guests to a round of tastings they’ll never forget. We offer a luxurious and comfortable service with professional chauffeurs and totally a stress-free travel experience. 

Sampling Wines 

One of the most wonderful things about wine is how many different kinds of wine there are all over the world. Each region has different grapes, giving the resulting product a slightly different taste. The northeastern part of the United States offers soil that’s just perfect for growing grapes. People have been growing grapes here for a long time and it shows in the sophisticated products they put out. You’ll find a number of choices in many states in the Northeast that welcome visitors who love to show off the products they produce.If you’re in New Jersey, check out Alba Vineyards in Milford. They’ve been in the business of making wine for over two centuries. You’ll find lots of older vintages as well as many new flavors to appreciate. Connecticut is another state with many wineries that you’ll want to sample. Charmard Vineyards has twenty acres and lots of yearly tasting events in Clinton. Hawk Ridge Winery in Watertown offers both wine and incredibly scenic views across the Litchfield Hills. Vacationers spending time in Cape Cod can take a break from the sun and sand with a trip to Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod. It’s run by a local family happy to show you around and let you try one of their many bottles. Try a few here and then bring home a bottle or two with you as a great vacation souvenir. Red Newt Cellars in Hector, New York specializes in crisp Rieslings and other types of wines from the Finger Lakes region. This is a good place to go with a group of friends so you can try lots of wine together. Those planning a visit to Maine should make Winterport Winery part of their trip. Located in Winterport, the vineyard has been the recipient of many awards that recognize their devotion to putting out wines that are intense and yet easy to enjoy. 

Tasting Beer 

Beer is another beloved drink that people have been cultivating for thousands of years. The year-round change in climate in this part of the world makes it possible to grow all sorts of hops and other ingredients that are the ideal thing to turn into many kinds of wonderful beers. The northeast is home to breweries that invite exploration in person. New England Brewing, located in Woodbridge, Connecticut has been highly lauded by critics. Stop and try one of many different times of beer from a menu that changes with great frequency. The Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown, PA is another brewery that gets lots of applause. They have lots of beer on tap. They also offer many limited release beers that bring people here year-round to see what they’re going to offer. Freeport, Maine is home to the Maine Beer Company. Few things beat the taste of an ice-cold mug of beer here on a hot and humid summer day. Vermont is another place to cool off when the temperatures start to rise. Try the Hill Farmstead beers in Greensboro Bend Vermont. They offer many different types of beer including stout and pale ales. The Alchemist in Waterbury Vermont is another state and local favorite that tends to attract crowds all year long in search of some of the best beer in the entire Northeast. 

Northeastern Cider Mills 

Apples are a hugely popular crop in the northeast. Many farms have orchards set up specifically devoted to growing apples. When fall comes along, the apples ripen. This is when people here savor the region’s different apple varieties. Many people love to have them right off the tree. Apples can be eaten that way. Travelers will also find them turned into some of the best cider you’ll find anywhere in the United States. A sampling of cider is possible in many parts of the northeast. Take the time to pick apples at an orchard and bring them home with you. When you’re done, you’ll find many orchards offer cider that brings out the best taste of the apples in drinkable form.

B.F. Clyde’s Cider Mill has been in Mystic Connecticut for over a hundred years. It’s a fantastic place to sample the results of tried and true methods. Better yet, they offer free tastings. Take the time to try all sorts of flavors such as pumpkin spice. You can also see onsite demonstrations illustrating how people take the apples and turn them in into such fine products. The Bear Swamp Orchard & Cidery is another place to visit if you’re a fan of this delicious beverage. The seven-acre site is located in Ashfield, Massachusetts. They grow dozens of different kinds of apple varieties on their property. You can pick your choice when they’re in season. There’s a store that offers you all kinds of ciders just right for drinking with an apple pie. Jaswell’s Farm in Smithfield, Rhode Island is about honoring family traditions on land that’s been their family for decades. The farm offers many wonderful kinds of apples that people love to take home once fall is in place. They make their own flash pasteurized cider that’s full of intense autumn flavors. Are you planning the trip you’ve been dreaming about? Call Elite Limousine and let us help you take care of your transportation needs.