The Perks of Traveling During Shoulder Season

You may be wondering what this strange season you have never heard of is. Well, we still have four seasons, no new ones have emerged. The shoulder season simply refers to the period between the high and low travel seasons. For example, in the upcoming fall season, it is the time between the leaves falling and the resort’s opening to tourists. This may not sound like an ideal time to travel but our Connecticut limo service specialists have gathered evidence that indicates that this might actually be the best time to travel.

Before we tell you why you should plan your vacations for the shoulder season, we would like to recommend the services of our Connecticut Car Service for all your excursion transportation needs. We all know how stressful it can be trying to navigate an unfamiliar city/town. Let our professionally trained chauffeurs take the wheel as you and your companions simply focus on enjoying each other’s company and looking forward to arriving at your next exciting destination. Now, here are a few reasons why you should definitely plan your next vacation or getaway for the shoulder season.

Cheaper Tickets

We all know how quickly plane ticket prices rise around the holiday season and just how ridiculously high the prices can go. Booking tickets in advance during the peak travel season is certainly one measure to try and cut costs but in most cases, you will always end up paying more than you normally would. But if you observe the prices for similar flights at a period when very few people travel you would be flabbergasted by the sheer margin difference in the prices. Of course, we are not saying to travel to the Himalayas when it’s freezing, but traveling during the shoulder season as opposed to peak/holiday season could save you a lot on airfare.

Smaller Crowds

As you have probably already guessed by now, the shoulder season also means a smaller crowd. Most popular attractions around the world only admit a fixed number of people at a go. Now, if you are traveling during the peak season this undoubtedly means that you will be waiting in line for a while, and even when it’s your turn, your stay may be hasty and rushed. You don’t want to rush through the Ann Frank Museum when you have been dreaming about the experience for so long; plan your visit for a time when the kids are in school and most people are back to their normal work routines. Plan your visit for the shoulder season.


There is a reason why the low season is a low season; no one wants to tour Europe when blizzards are blowing through the continent; neither do you want to enjoy it in extreme heat. However, during the shoulder season, the weather is usually moderate, not leaning too far towards either extreme, almost perfect. Just be sure to do your homework to confirm what the forecast predicts the weather will be like at your destination before you leave; this should allow you to pack appropriate dressing, you wouldn’t want any unpleasant surprises.


There is just something different about seeing a place when people are far and in between and seeing it when it’s crowded. The former feels much more special, there’s something magical about seeing a place in its bare, natural state. It makes you feel like you own it and that you are truly present and experiencing the place, which will make its memory much more meaningful.

When the place you are visiting is crowded, however, you are trying to account for the physical presence of so many people, you are overhearing conversations you have no interest, you are bumping into people, you are craning your head trying to see something that caught your eye, you are trying to stay close to your companions so you don’t lose each other; it’s a very distracting setting that doesn’t let you appreciate the location itself, at least not to the fullest extent. So, if you have been looking forward to visiting a certain destination, avoid the peak season and plan your visit for the shoulder season, you’ll appreciate it.


Accommodations during the peak season are much cheaper and readily available. As a matter of fact, you could possibly get into a luxury hotel on a budget due to slashed prices and the willingness of hotel management to negotiate arrangements during this season. Hotels are trying to draw in as many people as they can and stay in profit and since the hotels are not in demand during this season, they have to lure in the people they can find with generous discounts. If you check travel websites during the shoulder season you will notice hotel pages displaying flashy banners advertising their reduced costs. It’s a slow period for hotel owners, but it’s a great time for anyone traveling during this season. Notice you will have cut the cost of your airfare and still get to enjoy the grandeur of luxury accommodation without having to break the bank.

Better Services

One more benefit of traveling during the shoulder season is that you receive better services wherever you go. This can be attributed to the fact that there are fewer travelers, which translates to fewer people demanding the same services. This allows staff at various places including airports, hotels, restaurants, etc. to dedicate special attention to you and serve you to your satisfaction; their attention is not as divided as it would be during the peak season.


Most popular cities/towns adjust to the peak season; the local people understand that there is going to be an influx of visitors flooding their hometowns, bringing with them a stream of revenue, if everyone is ready to capitalize on it. For a few weeks or months, it is not business as usual, everyone is playing their part to accommodate these new additions. However, if you travel during the shoulder season when things are more settled you get to meet the locals in their element, which is the perfect time to enjoy an authentic experience, interact with the locals, and learn their cultures and traditions.