There’s an App for That – Recommended Travel Apps to Have

When it comes to traveling, we know, now more than ever, just how important mobile devices can be. Long gone are the days when mobile phones had one purpose – making phone calls. Today mobile phones serve, what some might even consider being a greater purpose on the road; holding applications. There are plenty of apps out there and more are being developed every day. There is an app for just about everything you can think of; managing your flight, booking hotel rooms, maps, language translation, you name it. Our Connecticut car service has, therefore, decide to come up with a comprehensive list of some of the most useful apps you can have on your phone as a traveler.

Before we proceed to the apps, consider employing the services of our Connecticut limo service for all your ground transportation needs. Navigating roads in unfamiliar territory can be quite hectic and stressful, but that’s where we come in. Let our professionally trained chauffeurs handle all the driving and navigation as you simply focus on enjoying our luxury amenities, the company of your companions, or simply catching up on some much-needed sleep as you are safely and promptly transferred to your next destination. Now, without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the most useful apps you can have on your phone.

Google Trips

TripIt was the frontrunner when it came to customizing tours, compiling guides and maps, recommending restaurants and points of interest in new towns. However, Google Trips seems to be taking over in this field due to its convenience. Google Trips puts together information from your Google account, backing it up offline so that you are able to access it even without an Internet connection. Use Google Trips destination-based elements to travel lighter and save time; download all the information you need before leaving for your trip and access all the information on the road without having to look for open WIFI networks. This app is available on both on IOS and Android.

Packing Pro 

Packing Pro is an application that helps you organize your suitcase by generating a checklist of everything that you might need. The app needs to know how long your trip will last, where you will be traveling to, and what the weather is expected to be like. You can, however, choose to add more information; for example, whether you will have access to a swimming pool or a washing machine. The app then generates a list of clothing, footwear, and other necessities for you to pack. On top of assisting you with your packing checklist, the app also reminds you of important tasks you should complete before traveling. For example, getting your vaccines, renewing your passport, purchasing a first aid kit, etc. Unfortunately, this app is only available on IOS.

SayHi Translate

Heading to a foreign country will, sometimes, demand that you always have a translator with you , just to be able to communicate with the locals. However, with SayHi you don’t necessarily need a human translator; the app helps you with local phrases, which should help you understand and communicate albeit at the most basic level. The app comes in 40 languages. Note, however, the app is geared towards casual conversations as opposed to business conversations and is only available on IOS.


While Google Trips seems to be beating TripIt in terms of convenience, TripIt is still a very helpful application to have on your mobile device. All you have to do with TripIt is send all your reservations to the application, which will then allow you to view flight itineraries, tickets, travel confirmations, hotel booking information, ferry tickets, rental car reservations, and much more, all in one place. TripIt also makes it possible to share your travel itinerary with whoever you are meeting or with whoever will be picking/dropping you off in order to coordinate your movements and ensure that your trip is as smooth as possible. The application is available on both IOS and Android.


Once you have made all other arrangements and are now ready to book your hotel or flight, we recommend using this application to identify the best rates and deals. Skiplagged offers you clear and concise features, making it extremely user-friendly; even the most technologically impaired individual can navigate this application. This application also features numerous filter options when it comes to making bookings, allowing you to select features suited for you and to find exactly what you are looking swiftly. This application is only available on Android.


Every now and then you just want to get into your vehicle, hit the road, and just drive, preferably with a few of your closest friends. Well, now you have an app to assist you with all your subsequent road trips. Roadtrippers organizes your driving route and lets you book hotels at strategic points along the way. This app also comes in handy when you want to break the monotony and identify interesting places to visit during your trip; for example, hotels, restaurants, historical sites, and so forth, making your road trip a little more interesting than it would have turned out to be. The app is available on both IOS and Android.


PocketEarth is closely related to Roadtrippers. Once you have hit the road it can sometimes be confusing trying to figure out exactly where you are, where you need to go, and which routes to take without missing out on any interesting points along the way. The PocketEarth application allows you to find your way around with exceptionally detailed maps that can also be accessed offline, making the app convenient even for off-road use. As a bonus, Pocket Earth also comes with destination-based guides that you may find useful whenever you may choose to go on an impromptu trip.