Thruway Versus Ferry – Visiting Long Island

Thousands of people every year make the short trip from mainland New York and Connecticut to visit Long Island. It has a wide array of beaches, restaurants, and clubs for individuals to congregate. There are also many historic sites and other tourist attractions. When it comes to visiting Long Island, the ferry and the thruway are often considered the two best options. The ferry has been making journeys between the city, Long Island, and Connecticut for centuries. While the thruway is much more recent, it is in many ways the best way to visit Long Island.


The ferry to Long Island may appear to be more direct to an individual looking at a map. But taking any one of a number of Long Island ferries can be a complicated and difficult trip. Individuals have to wait half an hour to an hour for a ferry to come. There is a set schedule for ferries that is reduced on the weekends. Individuals simply cannot use the ferry if they want to travel to Long Island outside of these time constraints. Ferries are influenced by a number of different factors that are completely outside of an individual’s control. A ferry may be slowed down by wind or weather. Large ships sometimes need to move ferries in order to allow passage through a particularly narrow stretch of sea. In some instances, ferries are canceled completely due to these outside forces.

Ferries may become full and unable to take on passengers who have been waiting. If an individual does secure a place on a ferry, they will have to experience the constant undulations and shaking of travel over water. Motion sickness can sometimes occur due to this movement.

Ferries are also inherently limited in the places that they can stop. A ferry may have only one or two stops on its way to Long Island. Long Island is a considerably large area with a limited number of trains and bus lines. Some individuals may want to head into the city or into other areas that are not connected by bus and train lines. In that case, they will still have to rent a car in order to reach their destination.


The thruway is a more convenient option for many riders. Several bridges and overpasses connect Long Island at multiple points with the mainland. If one path is shut down or clogged up with cars, there is the possibility of taking an alternate route. Individuals do not have to worry about schedules or other passengers. They can simply hop on and hop off of the thruway whenever they feel as though it is most convenient. Individuals can travel on the thruway at all times. There are a number of bridges and exits that can help them navigate where they need to go. There is also the ability to get to specific destinations without having to worry about finding some other form of transportation.

This process is somewhat stressful if an individual is driving by themselves. They may have to deal with the stress of navigation, traffic, and other drivers. Roads going into and out of many parts of Long Island can be confusing. Areas often have limited parking or parking that individuals have to pay for. Some individuals have a fear of driving that keeps them from embracing the option of the thruway. But there are a number of limo companies that will allow an individual to use the thruway without having to worry about driving themselves.

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