Why You Should Consider Hiring a Luxury Bus for an Event

You are wondering how to get guests to your event? Here is the thing, not only will a luxury bus help this, it’ll do it in a stylish and memorable way.

A single party bus can fit from 10 to 40 partygoers while keeping the groove on. But, that’s not enough to help you make up your mind. As such, we have compiled a list to help with your decision.

Here are the reasons you should consider a luxury bus if you want to get guests to your party.


It is obvious that traveling in a group saves money. When you do the math of hiring separate vehicles or driving individually, you will find a party bus to be cost-effective. With a luxury bus, you don’t have to worry about gas and parking costs or tipping the cab driver. The cost is covered at a good hourly rate depending on your requirements.


A party bus is the best way to get a couple of partygoers to their homes safely. After a couple of drinks, getting behind the wheels might not be the safest of ideas. There is also the chance of being stopped by the cops and getting a DUI charge. Hiring a party bus takes this off your mind and you can be rest assured to have a blast at your party.


There’s no way you and your guys are going to have fun if everyone’s stressed out. No one has to pedal the clutch, drive through traffic or look for a cab. The party bus picks everyone one up at the scheduled time and makes the drop off at the occasion. The buses are roomy and are with plush leather seats, an interior bar, TV and a blasting sound system. This leaves everyone hyped for the occasion.

Party on the go

This is why it’s called a party bus. You get to party on the bus before you get to your destination or make the bus your destination. Either way, it’s fun! The club lights surround stereo sets and bar brings the party to you. The party bus has enough room for some fun before getting to the party. They even come with restrooms.

Good with Logistics

This is another great reason why you should consider hiring a party bus. The party bus helps with logistics with its generous amount of space. The drinks, food and other supplies that will be used at the occasion can be brought on board.

Wrapping Up

If you are planning on getting people to your event with comfort and class, things can’t go wrong with a party bus.  Lucky for you, we know where to get one.

Consider our reliable Connecticut car sevice. We offer a range of party buses that fits your requirement and a professional chauffeur to ensure that you and your guests have a memorable event.