Planning A Summer Get-together for Your Company

The annual company get-together is a growing tradition with companies across the US. Company summer getaways are fantastic team building and employee appreciation events and a perfect excuse to get out of the office and have a great time outside. When you are thinking about planning a summer get-together for your company, transportation choices can be important. You want to make sure that everyone can get to the event, and it can be even better if you hire a bus or buses so that your group can all ride together. There are many fun places to go with your group, and there are no limits to the fun you can have when you hire a professional company to take you on your journey together. 

Visit the Zoo 

One summer get-together idea is to visit the zoo. By going with a large group and planning, you can have fun-filled day making a lot of memories. You can hire a 14-passenger bus, buses that will hold from 20 to 40 people, or large charter buses that will hold up to 56 passengers. By traveling together, everyone can have a fun time without having to stress about who is going to be behind the wheel. Our bus services come with professional chauffeurs who will work hard to help your event be a success. 

Go on a Wine Tour Experience 

Your company can also plan out a wine tour. You and your group of business associates can have a fantastic trip visiting different wineries. You can learn how wine is made, taste some, and just have an all-around great day with your group. This type of trip can be an excellent way to promote bonding amongst your employees. When people are not just workers, but also friends, a company has a higher job satisfaction rating. 

Take a Trip to the Beach 

If you enjoy being outdoors, you may want to take a trip to the beach. Many people enjoy getting together and traveling to an amusement park for the day, or you may want to get together with your business associates and travel to a historical site. There are many options, but we are here to help you with your transportation no matter where you end up. 

Sometimes, you just want to have a fun get-together in a unique place. Our Connecticut party bus service is going to be perfect for that. They offer comfortable seating, an amazing sound system, a huge television, and can provide Wi-Fi. These buses are equipped with safety gear and GPS systems so you can party all day or night driving around from place to place. Your business associates can relax in a safe space and get to know each other while having a blast. Our custom leather seating and luxurious interior will make your get-together a stylish success. 

If you want a comfortable way to travel to your corporate event, go ahead and choose one of our larger buses. Some of our buses offer overhead LCD screens and Wi-Fi along with first-rate sound systems. You can be sure that our vehicles will be freshly detailed and looking sharp when they arrive to pick you and your group up for your get-together. 

One of the best parts of hiring us for your transportation services is our chauffeurs. You can be sure that our chauffeurs have all passed extensive background checks. Your safety and security are important to us. Our chauffeurs have also passed safety classes and defensive driving classes. You can be at ease knowing that you will have a professional behind the wheel taking your group wherever you want to go. Whether you have to travel through busy streets, crowded parking lots, or through a storm, our chauffeurs will use their expertise to help you get through it safely. 

If you are ready to plan out your summer get-together for your company, be sure that you make the right decision when it comes to your transportation. Our buses make an excellent choice because they will be reliable and dependable. You may also want to consider hiring one of our premium limousines if you are looking to impress your group. Our Connecticut charter bus options are another great option for larger groups. No matter what type of vehicle or vehicles you choose for your get-together, you can be sure that we will be ready to take you where you need to go. 

Our team is standing by to help you have the best summer get-together yet. With premium transportation options, your entire group can be comfortable and relaxed throughout your entire trip. We have high-tech safety equipment, GPS equipment, and many first-rate amenities that you will be able to enjoy while traveling with us. Our luxurious vehicles are going to be fun to ride in, and we keep everything clean and well-maintained. Safety comes first with us. You can be sure that we have safe vehicles and safe chauffeurs. Our professional chauffeurs will enjoy taking you on your next trip and helping make your event a success. 

Elite Limousine Makes Group Traveling Fun and Easy 

Go ahead and book with us today if you are interested in a stress-free experience. Let the specialists at Elite Limousine take care of all the transportation details, hotel transfers, and more during your corporate summer trip. Our experienced reservation specialists will assist you and will get you to and from your destination in comfort and style. We make traveling within groups a piece of cake for everybody involved. 

Whatever ride you need and wherever you need it, Elite Limousine is who you can count on when it comes to reliable ground transportation. We offer complex solutions when it comes to reliable transportation and all of our vehicles come with seamless integration of the latest technologies. 

Call us 1-800-659-5466 ext. 4 or request a quote by visiting the Quote request page in the left menu and take some of the stress off planning a corporate group trip.