Avoid Public Transportation and Parking Problems: Hire a Shuttle Service for your Next Convention

Business conventions can be a great opportunity to get new information to employees and get them more involved in company affairs. There may be meetings with colleagues from other offices and from other companies at a convention. Vendors may even be promoting new products for your company to use. A convention is usually a large affair, causing a lot of traffic and transportation issues. When you send representatives to a convention, it is best to think about transportation before they arrive to the location. A professional shuttle service can solve a lot of problems.

Timely Arrival

If your staff members are expected to be at certain meetings, it is imperative to help them get there on time. Public transportation can be a hassle in a big city, especially when you are not familiar with the train or bus routes. This can make people late to important events. This can give a poor impression of your company. Check with a Connecticut car service to find out what kind of shuttle service is available. The entire group can ride together so no one gets left behind or must navigate public transportation or parking.


When you use a Connecticut charter bus, you can keep the convention trip organized from the very beginning. Instead of asking employees to drive their own cars, hire a bus so the entire group can leave on the trip together. Once they arrive at the hotel, they can also check in together. You can schedule a shuttle service to transport everyone to the convention in the morning or schedule different departure times for specific activities. Share the itinerary with your staff to make sure they know when to meet the shuttle. A personal chauffeur makes the experience less stressful.

Saves Money

When a company sends employees to a convention, everything is usually considered a business expense. There may be many receipts to go through when the trip is over, due to various transportation methods. The expenses may also add up to a large amount. You can keep the business records organized and may end up spending less money. When you hire a shuttle, people can ride together. This can limit the trips to and from the event venues. This results in one bill with a chosen car service.

When conventions are in town, traffic often increases. This can cause many problems for those that must attend meetings or other activities. You can help alleviate some of the traffic by making sure your employees all ride in one vehicle. One of our shuttles or large vehicles can help to get the group to the convention on time. Parking can be expensive and sparse in big cities. This is not a problem when you use our service to drop off and pick up your employees. Once you know how many people are attending the convention, call to customize your shuttle service.