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Elite Limousine is the most multifaceted luxury car rental company in Connecticut. Our limo service in Shelton is truly multipurpose. We have a fleet of seventeen different types of limousines and it is not so that we have only one of each variant. We specialize in corporate travel, global ground transportation, vacation and group travel, weddings, parties and prom, special events and more. We run our operations throughout the year without any exception. You can hire one of our limousines for a few hours or for several days, regardless of the need to have it along with you for any span of time or all the time.

Elite Limousine has a transparent way of functioning. We have clear company policies that influence each and every action of ours. We do not practice any arbitrary pricing. We do not have inflated fares. We do not have any exorbitant approach to deciding on any of the factors that would have a direct impact on the tariff or your experience. We treat each kind of travel in a manner that befits the needs. Corporate travel has its own needs which may not be the same for other types of ground transportation. Vacation and group travel have their distinct demands, so do weddings and proms or other parties. Special events, whether they are concerts or sporting extravaganzas, theatre or festivities, have their own charming requirements. We can deliver an experience that is completely customized for the purpose and on the basis of your stated preferences.

Our Shelton limo service is known for safety, punctuality, and reliability, reasonability and luxury, comfort, convenience, and hospitality. All our swanky limousines are impeccably maintained, and we conduct safety inspections before every trip. We keep our limousines clean, so every client gets into a fresh car, completely hygienic with nothing amiss. We train our chauffeurs periodically to ensure they are aware of the kind of hospitality that our clients expect. They are anyway trained in defensive driving, so you can be sure of a safe drive. While it is essential to chalk the shortest route and ensure an efficient drive to your destination, safety is of paramount significance, and we attend to it before everything else but not while compromising on steadfastness.

The standout customer service, sheer choice of limousines, the ability to personalize an entire trip and a holistic experience have made us the most trusted Shelton limo service.

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