2019 PGA Championship at Bethpage May 13th – 19th

The PGA Championship is taking place for the first time in Bethpage State Park in New York. New York has hosted 12 of these events, with one in Long Island almost 80 years ago. Going on for 101 years now, this event is a longstanding tradition that attracts an incredible number of spectators. When something like this comes to any town, it can cause a lot of congestion on the streets. While tourism is good for the economy, it can be difficult for both tourists and locals to get around town. A car service is a viable option for those attending the PGA championship this year.

Avoid the Ferry

You may be looking for the shortest route if you are driving yourself into New York. The ferry must often be used to save time. During the PGA Championship, however, lines for the ferry may be unbearable. When you hire a personal chauffeur, you can take a longer route without getting lost or spending a long time behind the wheel. Many people may stay outside of New York to get better prices on accommodations or to simply find a vacancy. A Connecticut limo service can make a long drive into New York fun and luxurious.

Relax Instead of Fighting Traffic

It is no fun to sit in traffic for hours on the way to a special event. When you hire a chauffeur, you can enjoy reading a book or getting some work done on your laptop during the ride. Traffic can be even more frustrating when you are not familiar with the area.

Group Bus Trips Reduce the Number of Cars on the Road

Many people choose to drive to the PGA Championship, so they have their own car and save money on airfare. This can cause a lot of congestion on highways entering the general area of the event. You can easily charter a bus if you are traveling with several other people. A group trip can be a lot of fun. You can spend the trip talking to your friends, watching movies, or catching up on some work. This helps reduce the number of cars driving into town, making traffic move faster.

Stay Safe: Enjoy Drinks without Worrying about Driving

Many people like to have a few drinks while attending sporting events. You should be able to enjoy the food and drinks of your choice without worry. Consider a Connecticut limo rental for a special evening out while you are in town, as well. Your chauffeur can take you to dinner and a nice evening drive. Add a bottle of champagne to your drive for a special treat.

Special Event in a Different Place Every Year

The PGA championship is in a different place each year, like many sporting events. Event planners must navigate the specifics of traffic in a new place every year. Even if a specific city has been used as a host for a prior event, the streets and routes may change over the years. Transportation, parking, and security is usually well thought out; however, a personal driver can make your trip less stressful. When you share a car with a group, you also play a part in easing the traffic.

Let our excellent staff take care of you while you visit the city. You can reserve your car and chauffeur ahead of time, so you do not have to worry about a shortage. Our chauffeurs are trained to handle traffic well and know the area well. You don’t have to get lost driving to the event or use up extra gas while sitting in traffic. Let our company handle the details of your trip.