The Best Art Museums in Connecticut

People from all over the state, and beyond, visit Connecticut for varied reasons, one being the museums scattered across the Constitution State. There is a love and emphasis for art and creativity in the Connecticut that isn’t apparent unless you visit these amazing museums. You are probably wondering where to begin but, not to worry, our Connecticut limo service has got you covered. We have compiled a short list of some of our favorite museums in Connecticut and we would like you to share the experience.

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Thomas J. Walsh Art Gallery

The Thomas J. Walsh gallery is located in Fairfield inside the Fairfield University Arts Centre; the art gallery is open every day from Wednesday to Saturday between 12 and 4 pm. This gallery has impressive high ceilings that stretch two storeys high. This art gallery displays modern and contemporary art pieces from local artists and has regularly hosted live acts from well-known professionals like Colleen Browning. Apart from the museum, the small town is adorned with historical sites that you can visit including the Ogden House, revolution sites, and a remarkable 18th-century farmhouse.

Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

Head over to Ridgefield and try out this contemporary museum, which is the largest of its kind in the state. The Aldrich Art Museum, as the name suggests was founded by Larry Aldrich in 1964. This museum houses an 18th-century general store and church, as well as modern exhibitions from artists such as Martin Creed. The Aldrich Museum regularly hosts live shows and exhibitions, so you might want to check out their website and plan your visit for a day when there is a show you would be interested in. The gallery also regularly hosts lectures, talks, and community events, which makes it a cultural hub for the Ridgefield Township.

UConn Contemporary Art Galleries

UConn is part and puzzle of the University of Connecticut, and these galleries are dedicated specifically to contemporary art. Head over to the University of Connecticut’s Department of Art and History and discover some of the most popular trends in modern art, spanning over various fields including design, architecture, photography, music, performance, fine art, film, and video. Their exhibitions feature both local and international artists including the works of students and faculty at the university, which enables young and budding artists to get their name out there. UConn also hosts live shows and exhibitions on a variety of art forms; we recommend that you visit their website and schedule your visit for a day when there is a show that tickles your interests for a more fulfilling experience.