5 Airport Hacks to Make Your Trips More Pleasant

Airport travel is known for being time-consuming, expensive and an overall hassle. With decades of travel experience, there are some experts who know the ins-and-outs of handling airports. Here are five airport hacks to make your trip more pleasant.


    1. Prepare snacks ahead of time.

Airports are notorious for taking advantage of hungry travelers. With no affordable options in the airport, travelers are stuck spending too much money on a mediocre meal. A great airport hack to work around this trap is preparing food beforehand. A majority of airports allow travelers to pass through security with food. As long as the food isn’t exotic or carrying any dangerous bacteria, security shouldn’t say a word. Instead of being forced to buy overpriced food, you can bring a snack from home.


    1. Bring an empty water bottle.

Along with food, airports also overcharge for drinks. While most travelers may be able to forgo a meal when they’re hungry, it is much more uncomfortable to be thirsty during a flight. While airports have no issue with travelers bringing food through security, the same is not true with liquids. In fact, travelers can bring any liquid in excess of 100 milliliters. A hack around this limitation is by bringing an empty water bottle. There is no security rule for bringing an empty water bottle. You can easily fill a water bottle after security with a sink or water fountain.


    1. Ask to be upgraded.

When booking a flight, a majority of travelers aren’t willing to pay extra for 1st class or a more comfortable seat. It is no secret that airlines tend to overcharge for these seats in order to increase their profits. However, many travelers don’t realize that these seats can sometimes be arranged for free. Because of their steep price, most of these upgraded seats remain empty during a flight. Travelers can approach the airline desk and request a free upgrade to these seats. There is no guarantee that the airline will oblige, but it is worth a shot.


    1. Finding an outlet.

The most popular way to pass time at an airport is with a laptop or phone. As many travelers spend hours upon hours at an airport, a single battery charge is not enough to pass the time. While many airports will have designated charging areas, there are some terminals that aren’t as generous. Another great airport hack is to find outlets that are used by the cleaning staff. Every area in the airport has outlets so that cleaners can plug-in their vacuums and other devices. These outlets are usually hidden behind chairs or on columns.


    1. Explore different terminals.

Airports always suffer from a limited number of options. This is true for restaurants, stores and even vending machines. Fortunately, most airports have multiple terminals. If you have time during a connection, makes sure to explore all of the different terminals. This will greatly increase the number of options you have for food and drinks. This is also a great way to pass the time.

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