Make the Most of Restaurant Week in NYC 2019

If you are heading to NYC for restaurant week this year, you are in for a treat. This event runs for more than two weeks each year and offers excellent deals at some of New York’s most prestigious restaurants. As with any event in New York City, you should expect large crowds and plan your visit well ahead of time. Transportation in New York City can be daunting for those that are not familiar with the subway or taxi availability. You can plan your restaurant visits much better when you have your own chauffeur.

Be on Time

In a city with over eight million inhabitants, delays are inevitable. The subway is efficient; however, it is required to make many stops. Taxis are abundant yet can be hard to catch exactly when you need them. Extra people visiting the city can put a strain on transportation resources. There may be several people trying to hail a cab from the same spot.

Many restaurants offer special meals at certain times during the day. They may stick to strict schedules during restaurant week so they can properly prepare for the next meal. This is their time to reach many new clients. They want all the food to be the best they have to offer. Connecticut car service can help you stay on schedule. Don’t miss any of the amazing meals on your agenda with a personal chauffeur waiting for you at each destination.


When visiting any city, you can expect to be a bit confused about the layout. Even with excellent maps and public transportation schedules, you may not be aware of complications. Things like construction and rush hour can make you late to your event. A personal driver that works in the city has a great familiarity of the area. They can predict delays that you may not be aware of. When you schedule your service, the company can often suggest the best times for you to depart on your adventures.

Personal Space and Style

When major events take place in a large city, you may have to share cabs or submit to crowded subway cars. This can be frustrating when you are used to a smaller city or your own car. You can rest assured of having your own space in the car when you hire a car service. You can also share rides with people you are traveling with on planned excursions, instead of sharing rides with strangers. A car service can also add a bit of luxury to your trip. Our Connecticut limo service can provide you with a formal vehicle that seats your entire group.

A trip to the Restaurant Week NYC 2019 should be a fun experience. Worry about transportation can add unnecessary stress to your trip. You can easily plan your car service before you leave your hometown. It is reassuring to know that your daily transportation is taken care of. You can hire a practical car for some days and add a limousine for evenings out to the classiest restaurants.