March Madness Comes to Hartford

Major sports events are a great opportunity for towns to show off their best hospitality. Many hotels, restaurants, and tourist sites can bring in extra income during these events. They can be a great booster for the economy. Connecticut is proud to host March Madness in 20019. The city has done so before and has plenty of experience catering to the many guests planning to attend the event. It is not just about basketball games. Guests can expect to see the best of Hartford as employees all over the city prepare to give the best service possible. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your stay during this busy time.


Even if you book ahead of time, you are likely to find out that many places are full. You may want to consider sharing a room with other people you know. This can also save money, as prices are likely to be higher during this time. Check for accommodations in the surrounding cities, as well. They may be more affordable, and you can use a Connecticut car service to get into Hartford for the games.

You can also forget the hotel all together and rent an RV for the trip. This allows more flexibility and is often great for those on a budget. This also allows you to save money on eating out, as most of these have kitchens in them. You may still have to stay out of the city to find an open space, however. Call ahead to schedule your car service before they become completely booked.


The city is sure to be crowded during March Madness, making it difficult to navigate through the city. Traffic may even be frustrating for the locals that are already familiar with the city. Even if you drive to Hartford, you may need a car service to get places more efficiently. If you are flying into town, Connecticut airport transportation is available to help you get safely to the place you are staying. You can then call for service when you are heading out of town, as well.

The Games

Expect to leave early when you are attending a game. A car service is your best option, as parking is expensive and may be far away. If you have physical limitations, parking on your own is probably not feasible. The walk may be too far for you. A hired chauffeur can drop you off closer to the entrance and pick you up afterward. You may have to wait for your car in a line of others, yet this is still a more efficient option. You can also opt to leave the game a little early if you need to remain safe while using a walker or wheelchair.

Our car service is a great option for dealing with your transportation needs during March Madness. You can get to a favorite restaurant, the games, and to other tourist destinations with less stress. During any vacation, it can be difficult to find your way around a new town. When you met with a new location and a major sports event, this becomes even more difficult. You can relax during traffic jams while our knowledgeable chauffeurs take over the driving.