Destination Weddings: Are They Worth It?

Wedding prep can be a big ordeal, no matter where the wedding takes place. Some people spend several months planning the caterer, florist, and transportation. Transportation can also be a big part of the wedding. A limousine is often a staple part of the wedding day photos. Some people choose to take their wedding to an entirely different level by going to an exotic location. This can help make your wedding smaller and you can have your honeymoon in the same area. There is a lot to think about, however, when it comes to planning the expenses for a destination wedding. Consider these situations when trying to decide whether to stay home or take the wedding to a fun new place.


A destination wedding can cost more than a traditional wedding in some cases. You can save money, however, if your family and friends are paying their own travel expense. A home wedding may consist of hundreds of guests, resulting in the need for a large venue and a huge catering bill. A destination wedding is usually limited to a few close friends and family. You can have your wedding in the same place as your honeymoon so that you only must pay for airfare once.

You may be able to work with a wedding planner to get a package deal, eliminating the need to purchase flowers, the cake, and venue separately. You must decide how much travel you are willing to pay for. Some couples may pay travel expenses for the parents or the wedding party. You can eliminate this cost by booking group rates and expecting guests to pay for themselves. Destination weddings are often affairs that last for several days so everyone can enjoy the visit. Be prepared to pay for several days of accommodations. Even with travel, the cost can be less than an elaborate home wedding if you plan properly.

Transportation Costs

If you are planning to have a wedding at home, you can expect to pay for a Connecticut limo rental. The limo is usually hired for the entire day to assist with the pickup, transport to the reception, and a departure ride. You can also expect to rent a car if you plan a destination wedding in a nearby city or state. A Connecticut car service can be hired to drive out-of-town guests from the hotel to the wedding and back if you stay home.

A destination wedding does not usually come with extensive transportation costs. You can choose a resort for the wedding so that everything is within walking distance. Guests can spend their own money if they want to do some sightseeing, or you can share costs.


Some couples become completely overwhelmed with wedding plans. Even when you work with a planner, there are many decisions to make. With a destination wedding, you do not have to spend hours looking at floral shops or tasting cakes. You may be presented with a few choices from the hotel or resort. Package deals can alleviate the stress of making a large number of decisions. You may be across the ocean from your destination, so you must let someone else handle the details. Your main concern is working with a travel agent to make sure everyone has a flight and a room. As for the rest, you can just show up to your wedding stress-free. You can even keep things extremely simple by having a small outdoor ceremony on the beach and going to a nice restaurant for dinner with your small wedding group. This requires minimal planning and days of enjoyment, instead.

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