Planning Your Early Summer Wedding

Planning a wedding can be both exhilarating and exhausting. There are many things to take into consideration when planning a wedding. You may have a specific theme or color scheme that you want to adhere to, for example. Many people also have a preference for the time of year the wedding takes place. It is essential to take this into consideration when you are planning the location and accessories. Early summer is an excellent time for a wedding since many people have time off work or school. There are a few things that can make your summer wedding even better.


Many people have a special venue in mind when they first become engaged, others may take some time to pick the right one. Some venues allow for an indoor or outdoor service and have accommodations for both the wedding and the reception. Think about the weather when you choose the location. Early summer in the southern states is already very hot. An outdoor wedding may be uncomfortable unless it takes place under a covered area with fans. In northern states, an outdoor wedding may be more bearable.

A Connecticut car service can also be helpful when your wedding and reception are in different locations. You may need something large enough to carry the entire wedding party. If the wedding is formal, a Connecticut limo rental is a great option. Set up transportation for everyone that plays a part in the wedding. Parents of the bride and groom may appreciate special treatment, as well.


Most weddings have two or three colors that make up the décor of the entire event. The main color is usually used for the bridesmaid dresses. It is traditional to stick with lighter colors for spring and summer weddings, while darker colors abound for fall weddings. If you prefer darker bridesmaid dresses, add a lighter color to other items that compliments the darker one.

Flowers must be chosen depending on what is in season in your area if you want them to be extremely fresh. Out of season floral arrangements can often be shipped but can add a lot of expense. Talk to your local florist about arranging a seasonal bouquet to work with your color scheme. Casual summer weddings can be a lot of fun when you incorporate fun items that are common during this time of year, as well. Metal sand pails, glass bowls with floating flowers, and floral headbands all represent the season well.


Early invitations are always a good idea for all weddings, however, summer weddings may require even earlier notice. Since summer is vacation time for many people, many people of your guest list may be out of town if you do not plan ahead. Start by scheduling a date that works for the members of the wedding party. Once the date is set, start letting your close friends and family know so they can plan properly. Many people plan summer getaways extremely early in the year.

Invitations normally go out about six to eight weeks before the wedding. Most of the guests have already been informed by word of mouth, unless the wedding is extremely large. For an early summer wedding, send out invitation a couple of weeks earlier. This is usually around the time families have spring break. They may begin making summer plans shortly after this.

A wedding is a beautiful way to start out the summer break. It is also a great time for a beach honeymoon. You can easily find a variety of flowers during this season to enhance the décor at your wedding, as well. It is key, however, to make sure the location has air conditioning or fans to keep guests cool. Many parts of the country are very hot this time of year. Enjoy your special day with a well-chosen color scheme and fun summer accessories. Hire a car service to take the stress off you on your special day. Our staff is trained to give each guest a luxurious experience.