Group Travel Checklist

Congratulations! You have been chosen as the leader to plan your group’s holiday vacation. Here is a handy checklist that can help you organize, plan, and hopefully lessen any stress or anxiety.



1. Get a list of travelers



Use email or group apps where you can ask for input (if needed) on dates, destination, and budget.



2. Choose dates



Choose a vacation date far in advance, so that your group will be able to plan accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to travel during low-peak season, during the week, for the best deals, especially where flights are concerned.



3. Choose a destination



Figure out what you want to do on vacation i.e., swimming, hiking, laying out on the beach. What will be the theme of the vacation? Once you’ve determined the activities set the travel location.



4. Create a budget



Make it easy on yourself and others and establish a budget. Figure out what will need paying upfront before travel and what will need to be paid when you get there, including spending money.



5. Book Your Airline Tickets in Advance



Book airline tickets and hotel accommodations in advance, especially if you are a large group. Waiting until the last minute will mean your options are limited and expensive.



6. Purchase a Passport



This one is simple. If you’re traveling abroad, make sure everyone has an in-date passport. Even if you’re taking a cruise to a U.S. territory, you should have a passport just in case you need to fly back unexpectedly.



7. Communicate, communicate, communicate!



Make good use of that group chat! Keep your group informed about due dates, literary changes, and any other information that you deem essential.