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We are one of the oldest limousine rental companies in the state of Connecticut. We have operated our limo service in Westport and across the tri-state area for almost four decades now. Very few companies in the country can claim such a distinction. Our long-term success as a premium limo service in Westport and beyond can be attributed to various reasons. We have been the most punctual and reliable limo service since our inception. We have been reasonable with our tariffs, and we have always ensured impeccable safety. We do not choose between safety and efficiency. We uphold the highest standards of safety and we pick the shortest and most convenient routes in every context to ensure you get to your destination at the earliest.

Elite Limousine has always had an excellent team, both at our backend and our frontend. We have a fascinating customer service team that specializes in reservations and can provide any type of help you need. The same team can help you plan an amazing tour if you are unsure of the specific stopovers or the best time to plan your trip on a chosen date. Our reservation specialists will help you to personalize your ride. You may be content with the amenities onboard our limousines or you may want a few more. The quality of service assured by our reservation and support staff is not only matched but accentuated by our chauffeurs. All our chauffeurs are trained in defensive driving. They are experienced in driving limousines on the streets of Westport, across Connecticut and beyond. They are also trained to uphold the most excellent standards of hospitality. When you choose our limo service in Westport, you are signing up for an exquisite experience and not just hiring a car to get from one address to another.

We have one of the most diverse fleets of limousines in the tri-state area. Whether you would be traveling with one companion or you would have fifty-five people along with you, we can provide you the perfect limousine. When we say a limousine is perfect, it is not just the capacity but also the comfort, the kind of amenities you would need and whether or not you will feel satiated throughout the trip. Our limo service in Westport is not about ticking one checkbox. It is about ensuring nothing is amiss, and you get to indulge in the most luxurious ride ever.

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